LaneFX is not like blind spot mirrors. It's only a mobile electronics system that moves your power mirrors in lane changes and merges.

HOME: TOP: There's more than one way to benefit from a blind spot mirror or detection technology. But with LaneFX and ParkFX, drivers are using the most advanced safety technology of 2006 to make their daily commutes safer and more stress-free. See and vote on the top 10 ways drivers prefer to use LaneFX over anything else.


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Don't Be Blind Sided by Your Blind Spot!

Unlike other "radar" detectors, LaneFX has no learning curve. LaneFX is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) system that uses what you already use - your vehicle's side mirrors - to show you what's in your blind spot zone. With its extensive customization options, LaneFX adapts to your driving style, not the other way around.

Don't forget: your mobile electronics retailer is best for installing your LaneFX system, but not factory systems like Volvo BLIS or ValeoRaytheon. Don't settle for the nerdy car gadgets, get LaneFX and get the latest driver safety technologies. Lane change or merge with the latest blind spot mirrors and auto safety technologies.


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Ditch Your Stick-on Convex Blind Spot Mirrors Today

Stop Distorting Your Rearview and Compromising Your Side Mirror Vieweing Space

Drivaware has come up with something useful: the LaneFX , a controller that connects your power mirrors to your turn signals, so that when you signal (you do signal before you turn, right?), your mirrors swivel outward to show your blind spot. Hey, if this keeps just one cyclist out of the hospital, I'm happy.

Generally speaking, larger vehicles have larger rear blind spots. For example, the blind spot behind a typical sedan could only hide a small animal, while the blind spot of an SUV can hide small children, resulting in as many as 50 children being killed by reversing SUVs each year. The blind spot behind tractor trailers can contain entire vehicles, which is one reason many trucks carry warnings not to follow too close, such as "if you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you." This is partly because the driver's position is higher in a tractor-trailer.

Larger vehicles also have much larger front and side blind spots. Tractor-trailers have not only large rear quarter blind spots, but also a large blind spot directly to their left and to their front-right.

There are a number of products available to consumers to deal with the blind spot problem. Convex mirrors, often called "spot mirrors" can bring blind spots into view, but their optical properties impart a great deal of distortion so as to make it difficult to judge distances. Newer technologies using aspheric mirrors allows the blind spots to be virtually eliminated while minimizing distortion.

LATEST NEWS: "Drivaware Releases Preliminary Consumer Survey on Driver Blind Spot Awareness"

Study shows cell phone use decreases driver likelihood to check vehicle's blind spots

Thursday November 12, 7:20 pm ET

ANN ARBOR , Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Drivaware inc. reported on Friday its preliminary findings on the impact of cell phone use and driver's checking of blind spot zones prior to changing lanes. Based on a survey of 231 participants, survey results show that drivers talking on a cell phone were 52% less likely to (manually) check their blind spot prior to changing lanes. Study further shows that same drivers using a more advanced form of blind spot exposure (such as Drivawar's LaneFX) were only 18% less likely to check their blind spot prior to changing lanes when they are using a cell phone. The benefits of new auto safety technologies such as LaneFX is that it is positively improving drivers' on-road awareness despite the increasing number of in-cabin driver distractions. Drivaware inc. indicated that the complete study findings will be published in October of this year. -KAS 09/21/2006

Compare Backup Sensors & Cameras to ParkFX

Get the Latest Information on the Most Reliable Backup Warning Technologies

Not all reversing aids are equal. The sensing technology and the indicating method are critical to your driving safety.

How a park assist system alerts you

One option is video, which at first seems like a great choice. But one major flaw with having a video camera affixed to the back of your car with a monitor on your dashboard is that it also forces you to look forward while backing up. That can disturb your perception, your reaction time, and feel very unnatural. They are also extremely expensive, and you'll pay thousands of dollars to have a video system attached to your car, whether from the dealer or an aftermarket supplier.

Compare that to other bargain basement devices which actually have LED displays (little red lights) on your dashboard. These are cumbersome -- almost useless -- for much the same reason as video: when you drive in reverse, you naturally look behind you, and you'll never see the little red lights. They are also hard to read in bright sunlight.

Some other bargain technologies use a tone which beeps more rapidly as you get closer to an obstacle. You can at least hear the relative distance just by listening to the beeps, but you have to practice a bit to really understand how far you are from danger.

That's why an audible voice sensor is best. It tells you in a spoken voice exactly how far away you are. Not only do you not have to awkwardly look forward at your dashboard, you'll know without guessing how much further you can safely back up.

How a reversing aid detects objects

If you've never seen or used a reversing aid, you might be surprised at how technically advanced they actually can be.

Reversing aids use a variety of technologies to sense an object behind the car. Some units use Doppler radar, and others use infrared sensors, but by far the most accurate method of detection is the one the U.S. Navy uses on its submarines: sonar.

Sonar can operate in any weather, including direct sunlight or rain. And it doesn't require that the car be moving in order to sense an obstruction.

Why Turn Your Head Away From Traffic? Turn Your Side Mirror Instead!

The Automotive Blind Spot Problem Shouldn't Even Be A Problem

Motor vehicles rely on two mirrors mounted on each side of the vehicle to uncover objects (including other vehicles such as passing or trailing traffic) next to them and behind them.
These vehicle power side mirrors are based on a design that is incapable of displaying, or “detecting”, a vehicle occupying a directly adjacent lane and approaching the reference vehicle from the rear (such as the situation of a faster vehicle passing a slower vehicle).
The overall phenomenon of a vehicle in an adjacent lane becoming invisible in a driver’s side mirror is known as the “Blind Spot”, or “Blind Zone.”
The location of a traditional Blind Spot is denoted in Figure 1 in red. The size and position of the area constituting a Blind Spot Zone in a given vehicle is based on the following factors:

  • The distance of the position of the side mirror to the driver’s eyes,
  • The width of the mirror surface,
  • The width of the object behind the reference vehicle (in an adjacent lane),
  • The driver-specified position of the blind side mirror,
  • The inflection of the mirror’s reflective surface (concave / convex mirror).

The Blind Spot phenomenon is pervasive among virtually all passenger cars, light and medium trucks and vans, and all sport utility vehicles. Some medium and heavy duty vehicles, resort to mounting multiple side view mirrors to alleviate this problem.

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