LaneFX is not like blind spot mirrors. It's only a mobile electronics system that moves your power mirrors in lane changes and merges.

HOME: LaneFX comes with two turn signal modes to fit any driving style. Check out and vote for your favorite turn signal mode. Which one do you prefer "normal" or "sticky"?


Always Use Your Turn Signals Before Changing Lanes

A recent Ask Yahoo question was, “Is using a turn signal while changing lanes the law or just common courtesy?

The short answer: It’s the law.

More specifically, the Uniform Vehicle Code states,

For vehicles equipped with mechanical or electrical turn signals, a signal of intention to turn or move right or left when required shall be given continuously during not less than the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning.
No person shall stop or suddenly decrease the speed of a vehicle without first giving an appropriate signal in the manner provided herein to the driver of any vehicle immediately to the rear when there is opportunity to give such signal.

That second part is particularly common and I don’t understand the logic of people who do it. A blinker is meant as an indication that you’re going to turn. I’ve seen people come to a complete stop in the middle of a lane, only to turn on their blinker right before they turn. It’s an exercise in futility at that point because I could have already smashed into the back of them by that point.

I wish more people would follow the simple order of operations for using a blinker. First, turn on your blinker to indicate you’re going to turn and to warn people you’ll be slowing down, then and only then should you slow down to make the turn.

A more humorous take on the issue is provided by on their instructional page on using turn signals.

This is sorta old news, but 50 was pulled over 2 days ago for making an illegal lane change on a Manhattan street. Later on cops found out that the car wasn’t registered in the state of New York, that he was driving uninsured, and that his license is expired. Of course, those are legitimate reasons to pull him over, but they didn’t know this BEFORE they pulled him over.

All that these cops in an unmarked vehicle saw was a black guy driving a Lamborghini and decided to pull him over. You know that this is what cops do if they find you suspicious they will wait and wait and finally hopefully catch you at the slightest, most insignificant infraction. Now usually, I love the police — I usually think that they do great work and are underpaid.

But not in this case. To those cops that pulled 50 over, I would say: what? You can’t see a black guy in a nice car? He must’ve done something wrong? Shame on you “officer”. I put it in quotes because that’s just disgusting. You can see from the photo below that the arresting cop is white (plainclothes).

LaneFX Links Directly to Your Vehicle's Turn Signals

Now You Can Signal & Check Your Blind Spot in One Convenient Step!

Let me tell you about the coolest product I never reviewed. It's a wonderfully complex solution to a problem that shouldn't even be a problem. This product, LaneFX, is a microcontroller that interacts with the side mirrors in your car.

You want to change lanes, and you glance in your side mirror. It looks clear. But in your LaneFX-equipped car, you can press a button and the mirror sweeps out to show you the blind spot beyond the limit of your peripheral vision. Then it returns to its normal position. If you flick on your turn signal, the mirror also does its sweep.

It works on either side of the car, and it also has an extended mode for when you want to keep an eye on traffic alongside and behind you, as when you're merging onto a freeway. Now let's say you're going to parallel-park. You slip your car into reverse—and the right mirror angles itself downward so you can see the curb.

Although that's the end of the LaneFX's bag of tricks, it's just the beginning of the ways it can be implemented. You can customize how far each mirror moves, how long it pauses, and how long it takes to get there. You can even make mistakes in hooking up the wires to the mirror motors; the microcontroller has a learn mode so you can teach it which wires to use to control each motion. An LCD screen prompts you through every step of the procedure.

LaneFX available features
with independent control of Left and Right power mirrors
Turn Signal Link
with two selectable turn signal modes: "Normal" & "Sticky"
park assist system with configurable mirror tilt-down movements
Power Mirror Speed Boost
configurable up to 200% of factory power mirror speed
Complete Automotive-Grade Hardware & Documentation
with Molex® brand wiring harness; Owners & Installation Guides;
Nothing more to buy!
Risk-Free Buying Backed by Triple Warranty Program
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
24-Month Extended Hardware Protection Plan

Why turn your head away from traffic? Turn your side mirror instead whenever you need to change lanes!

Drivaware LaneFX is a controller that links your car's power mirrors and turn signals, and whenever you use your turn signal, it automatically moves the mirrors outwards so you can instantly see in your blind spot. LaneFX can also be outfitted with ParkFX, which tilts both mirrors down so you can see where you're parking.

What a great idea—this beats the hell out of that "objects are closer than appear" concept which gives you a distorted view of reality in that right-side rearview mirror.

LaneFX does make two assumptions, though: that you have power mirrors in your car and that you actually use your turn signals when you're going to change lanes. You do signal when you're changing lanes, don't you? Sale prices for the holidays start below $170. What a deal! Get one in time for the holidays and have safer winter driving. LaneFX is on sale!


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When you activate your turn signal in Normal Mode, LaneFX moves your power side mirror normally (expand, pause & return). The result is the same as pressing a LaneFX activation button.
When you activate your turn signal in Sticky Mode, LaneFX moves your power side mirror outward and keeps the mirror there for as long as your blinker is on. Once you turn off you turn signal, LaneFX returns the mirror to its original position.

Turn Signal Link is an ultra simple, yet powerful feature: LaneFX is activated when you turn on your blinker. Effectively, you are signaling to other drivers that you intend to change lanes AND checking your blind spot in one simple, familiar step. That’s what we call “Signal & Check” and it’s a LaneFX exclusive. Once you use Turn Signal Link, you will find yourself using you turn signals much more often (a habit that all of us should have).

Turn Signal Link comes with two selectable turn signal modes (see sidebar). Your can choose your turn signal mode in seconds using the easy-to-use LCD screen. Don't forget to vote for your favorite mode.

Turn Signal Link is standard on LaneFX Commuter Edition or as an optional upgrade on all other LaneFX Editions. Turn Signal Link requires no additional hardware, installation or complex programming. It's fully-built into the LaneFX system.

Turn Signal Link works with any turn signal type and in any vehicle equipped with power mirrors.

For maximum flexibility, you can use LaneFX with just Turn Signal Link or in combination with the standard LaneFX Activation Buttons. See a demo on how this works.